Inby is the free mobile application that business owners in every big city across the United States has been waiting for. Available in the iTunes App Store, Inby's goal is to provide the customers of a business with a simplified and easy-to-use way to see all of the interesting deals and events going on around them.

For business owners, Inby gives you the unique possibility to communicate with your target audience on a whole new level. You can now reach both existing and potential customers on an intimate, local level, on a specific street or even a block with a gorgeous city map-based interface.

All of the messages that customers see in Inby are gathered from open company profiles, social networks and more. Business addresses are taken from open maps and compiled for easy access. All information published within the app is completely free to everyone.

At Inby, we give business owners the unique option of writing messages directly into our system. Is there a big upcoming sale, promotion or other event that you want your customers to know about? Just submit it to the app - it's that simple. Those messages will then be highlighted among others, published much faster and will attract more customers right to your door.

As a business owner, Inby registration will give you access to a huge number of valuable statistics like the total number of views and more, giving you an open line of communication with the customers who subscribe to your business looking for news, updates and other valuable tidbits of information.