Inby: The Litte App for Big Savings

Inby is a free mobile application that provides you with a possibility to open helpful messages from stores, restaurants and other directly on the city map.


Developer: Codesmart LLC, CA, USA

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  1. Codesmart LLC and Inby team is not responsible for the content of any message and the accuracy of the businesses geolocation in the system.
    1. All business related information, addresses, geo locations is gathered automatically from Google Maps or provided by the business owners.
    2. All messages about business discount, sales, job offers, news and events are automatically gathered from public business social accounts or provided by business owners.
  2. If you found any message in Inby is fraudulent, scam, offensive or infringes your right, please report it using the "Report spam" link. We will our best to keep messages those messages away from our database.
  3. If you found that we incorrectly show your business location, or we show incorrect message that is not yours, please write to technical support and we will correct the information in our database.
  4. All complaints and suggestions are accepted by Customer Support 24/7